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Merchant Order Management (Google Orders Sync)

Merchant Order Management (Google Orders Sync) is an application for eCommerce sites and order/inventory management systems that allows users to sync their Google orders from their Google Merchant Accounts, from sales made on Google Shopping (Buy on Google) for consolidated order and inventory management. Once orders are synced to your own site, you can manage them just like you would any orders you receive on your own website, from adding tracking numbers and marking them complete to cancelling them and issuing refunds, and each update/change to a synced Google order on your site or management system will be pushed back to your Google Merchant Account. If your site/system is set up to manage/track product inventory, then syncing Google orders will also allow you to better manage your inventory and advertise stock accurately, especially if you are using a product feed with your Google Merchant Center account that provides the “availability” for the same products being sold.

Things to note:

  • At this time, Multi-Client Accounts (MCA/Aggregator Accounts) are not supported for order management by Google, as it is not currently possible to grant an MCA the “Order manager” role under “Account access” in Google Merchant Center. Attempting to use the application with an MCA will result in an informative error stating as much until it is supported. You will need to link/authorize the application with an account that has the “Order manager” role for the Google Merchant Center account containing orders you wish to sync to your site/system.
  • It is our mission to make running a business online easier for the everyday merchant, and we do everything in our power to ensure the security of our users and their accounts and information, including that of their customers. We do not retain order information. The only information we keep is that which is necessary to maintain a secure connection to your account, allowing your site or system to retrieve new order information, update existing orders for fulfillment, and to provide you the ability to revoke such access.
  • Upon successful connection of your account to our application, you will receive an email to the connected account with a link to revoke/remove the connection. It is important to note that revoking a connection to the application will remove access from all sites using the application with the same account. Any sites or systems you wish to remain connected to your Google account will need to be reauthenticated via the application if you choose to revoke the connection.

Please review our privacy policy for more details on how we use your information, and if you have any issues with the application please contact us via email at [email protected]